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Stabilising soil planting grasses in Chennai,  India

IUCN is only as strong as the collective power of its membership. IUCN Members benefit from being part of the world’s largest environmental network, working together to address sustainability issues which could never be solved by one organisation working alone.

IUCN Members act collectively to provide leadership and governance and to set the organisation’s strategic agenda. In turn, they benefit from IUCN’s scientific credibility, its unsurpassed knowledge base, its convening power, its networking opportunities and the access it provides to high-level political, economic and social decision making.

We offer a unique, neutral forum where different interest groups come together to develop balanced, fact-based environmental proposals that create impact around the world. By joining, you advance your own cause and add to our collective strength in overcoming barriers to a sustainable future.

To know more about how to become a Member, please contact: Raj Kumar, Membership Manager (Tel: +66 (2) 662 4029, extension 117).

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