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  • mangrove forest dissecting a city scape Photo: By Portal da CopaME /,_Pernamb

    Nature may have solutions your city is looking for


    The world’s cities cover only 3% of the Earth’s land but consume 60-80% of manufactured energy and are responsible for 70% of carbon emissions. However, cities and urban ecosystems have unparalleled potential to conserve biodiversity, preserve surrounding...

  • Nature Based Solutions & Health To enhance the health benefits of urban nature and protected areas, many cities are launching programmes based on the Health Parks, Healthy People model by Parks Victoria, Australia. This Programme involves developing park-based activities for people, building awareness of parks, producing evidence of their benefits and informing cross-sector policies and plans. For example, Parks Canada collaborates with community groups on health initiatives in Rouge National Urban Park, Canada’s first national urban park, including the Mood Walks programme to improve symptoms of anxiety and depression through guided walks in nature. The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers promotes Green Gyms as a way to combine physical exercise with nature conservation action, boosting participants’ mental health, social integration and activity levels.  These programmes bring benefits for both the biodiversity of cities and the wellbeing of the people who live in them. Mobilising new partnerships is key to ensuring these types of programmes are effective, bringing together conservationists, health practitioners, scientists, planners and others in recognition of the health and wellbeing benefits of ecosystems and protected areas. Integrating biodiversity, health and urban policy requires that data from all relevant disciplines are considered in impact assessments and economic evaluations of policy proposals, and enables policy action to meet a wide-range of international commitments, including the Convention on Biological Diversity and the New Urban Agenda. To read the full story, go to: Nature-Based Solutions and Protected Areas to Improve Urban Biodiversity and Health Photo: Pixabay/Kramarz

    Nature-based solutions and protected areas to improve urban biodiversity and health


      Biodiversity and healthy natural ecosystems offer a range of benefits to human society, including providing cleaner water, reducing flood risk and storing carbon. They also benefit human health by reducing the incidence of infectious diseases and...

  • Nature Forest Waters Photo: @Schwoaze

    Nature: the forgotten solution to climate change


    By Luc Bas, European Regional Director and Chantal Van Ham, EU Programme Manager Nature Based Solutions   Without large-scale investment in nature conservation and restoration, we will not achieve zero net emissions in Europe Nature-based solutions...

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