Building capacity for nature conservation in Romania

Environmental NGOs in Romania are relatively young, being founded after 1989. In comparison, the west-European NGOs are more experienced, have wider organizational capacity and are in a stronger position regarding communication with relevant authorities.

Training on Project Development, 2008

Through the planned activities NGOs in Romania will have an opportunity to build their capacity and skills and strengthen their position regarding conservation of biodiversity in Romania. The overall objective is NGO capacity development through transfer of best practices from IUCN to the Green Valley Association regarding civil society involvement in a more efficient environmental policy development and implementation. The specific objective is capacity building on cooperation with media, business sector, local public authorities, NGOs and stakeholders in the field of nature conservation, through trainings and information exchange.


  • Two training workshops on:
    • project development and implementation
    • EU structures, policy and funds
  • Study trip to the EU25 countries and information exchange with environmental NGOs;
  • Workshop in Romania with participation of representatives of NGOs, business sector, local/regional authorities, media, etc. and with the following topic: ‘Sustainable partnership between NGOs and local for profit societies regarding nature conservation’;
  • Development of the ‘Sustainable partnership strategy for Green Nature in Green Europe’ in consultation with people from NGOs, business sector, local/regional authorities, media, etc.
  • Publish a booklet on ‘Best European Environmental Practices for Halting Loss of Biodiversity – BEEP-2010’;
  • Photo exhibition and media event in Sighet to stress the importance of the biodiversity conservation – healthy nature and healthy human communities.

Donor: European Commission
Project Leader: Green Valley Association – GVA (Romania)
Partners: IUCN, Pro Natura Ecological Club (Romania).
Time frame: January 01, 2008 - December 31, 2008
Contact person: Lubomira Vavrova

IUCN provides lectures and trainings presentations, training materials and assists the study trip organization.


South-Eastern Europe 
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