Environment Council endorses new target

16 March, 2010 Brussels. The Environment Council of the European Union yesterday endorsed the adoption of a new target for biodiversity. 

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The document reads as follows:
[the Council] “agrees further on a headline target of halting the loss of biodiversity and the degradation of ecosystem services in the EU by 2020, and restoring them in so far as feasible, while stepping up the EU contribution to averting global biodiversity loss”.

In other words, the Environment Council adopted option 4 of the Communication on biodiversity policy by the European Commission published in mid-January which was the most ambitious one among those suggested. IUCN had supported this option as the only viable way to address the biodiversity crisis. It is hoped that the Environment Council’s move will help include biodiversity in the Europe 2020, the strategy for 2020 of the European Commission where currently biodiversity is greatly lacking.

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