Forests are globally important in regulating climate and locally important in sustaining communities and supporting biodiversity. But they, and the people who depend on them, are under increasing pressure.


Forests bring hope


for new life

500 million

hectares show potential for forest landscape restoration

from old life

up to 70 %

more CO2 sequestered by primary forests than degraded forests

for our lives

2.4 billion

people depend on forests and wood for energy 

How we engage

IUCN works to build sustainable landscapes, protect primary forests and advance the rights of forest communities. Through its forest initiatives, IUCN helps countries implement effective forest and land-use policies, achieve national priorities and meet international commitments on climate change, biodiversity and land degradation.


  • avenir_des_jeunes_gafsa_nature-based-solutions Photo: association avenir_des_jeunes_gafsa_ppioscan

    Building a community of practices on Nature-based Solutions in North Africa - PPI-OSCAN


    Civil society associations from North Africa in Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, are promoting "Nature-based Solutions" interventions to adapt their ecosystems, protect their local biodiversity while facing societal challenges.  Learn...

  • Photo: Nadège Mazars / World Bank

    New bio-economy taking root in forests


    The current way many people use nature to produce products such as food, cosmetics or clothing is by almost any measure, untenable. What needs to happen to transform our global economy into one based on the sustainable use of biological resources? Roy Parizat...

  • Photo: IUCN / Corbett Nash

    Renaissance d'une aire protégée en République Démocratique du Congo


    Aire protégée de catégorie V et VI, le Domaine de Chasse et Réserve à Hippopotame de Mangaï en RDC dispose d’un nouveau plan d’aménagement et de gestion grâce à la conduite d’un processus participatif et inclusif approfondi.

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