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BEST newsletter's features the progress of the BEST initiative in addressing conservation issues in the EU Overseas entities. It highlights their important biodiversity and the ecosystem services dependent on it, describes examples of good management practices and introduces the people implementing actions on–the-ground.


The BEST newsletter will be issued twice a year as a pdf and an e-book, both in English and in French, available on the BEST website.


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BEST Newsletter 03BEST Newsletter 03 September 2016

The third newsletter of the European Union’s (EU) BEST Initiative arrived, packed with news and updates from the 7 EU Overseas regions! In this edition, find highlights from a penguin study in the Polar/Sub-polar region and ecosystem services in French Guyana. Browse In the spotlight to learn about the albatrosses of Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic and how the success of Marine Educative Areas in French Polynesia is setting a good example for other regions. Meet the BEST III Consortium teams from the Indian Ocean, Polar and Sub-polar hubs as well as the Nature Policy Coordinator for the Caribbean Netherlands and an important partner for conservation in New Caledonia. Read more updates about existing BEST projects on the ground in the Pacific addressing local involvement, bird species conservation and management of natural resources. And get the latest news about the BEST 2.0 programme and the 16 new projects selected for funding.

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Newsletter 2 Cover pageBEST Newsletter 02 November 2015

The second newsletter of the European Union’s (EU) BEST Initiative is now online! See highlights from the South Atlantic, Polar/Sub-polar and the Indian Ocean regions. This time in the spotlight discover the website portals of Macaronesia to manage its biodiversity and a tracking tool for whales in the Caribbean. Meet the BEST III Consortium teams from the Pacific, Caribbean and Amazonian hubs as well as the BEST III ecosystem profile expert. Learn more about the results of BEST projects on the ground concerning local involvement and loss of ecosystem services assessment. And get the latest news about the BEST 2.0 programme and the presentation of the first outcomes of the BEST regional Ecosystem Profiles to a wider public.

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Cover BEST Newsletter 1BEST Newsletter 01 May 2015

In this first edition, read news from the Pacific, Macaronesia and Caribbean regions; discover species and ecosystems that are part of Europe’s natural heritage you might not know and strategies to protect them; meet BEST III teams and partners in the South and North Atlantic; and catch up on some BEST projects related to marine species conservation, coastal ecosystem preservation, invasive alien species control and climate change risks assessment.

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