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SSC Internal Grant

Second round of applications open from June 3rd 2019 to June 30th 2019.


After a very successful first round last January, we are pleased to open the second call for proposals of the SSC Internal Grant for small requests, with the aim of supporting the SSC network to encourage innovative initiatives to catalyze action for biodiversity conservation.

The main purpose of the grant  is to encourage and promote activities that contribute to the Species Conservation Cycle established in our Species Strategic Plan 2017-2020, through the allocation of small funds —from ($USD) $2,000 to $3,500. In addition, as well as falling under the Species Conservation Cycle framework, we also seek to support those activities specified by SSC groups in their annual ‘SSC Data’ target setting and reporting effort.

Species Conservation Cycle Photo: Species Conservation Cycle This second call will focus on the remaining components of our Species Conservation Cycle: Plan, Act, and Communicate. It means that we will fund requests related to:

  • Plan: Development of conservation action plans and also policy initiatives which influence positive conservation outcomes for species.
  • Act: Implementation of conservation action plans and technical advice on conservation actions.
  • Communicate: Enhancing and strengthening communications to e.g., increase visibility and exposure of the group, raising awareness and converting awareness to action, improve connections and collaborations —internally and externally, being a key information provider.

Please refer to the SSC Data sheet your group completed for more detailed information on what these categories cover.

The funds can be requested for activities such as: publications, planning activities, conferences, meetings, workshops, among others, providing these activities are related to the SSC Data targets and priorities previously presented by the group.


This grant opportunity will be open for all our Specialist Groups, Stand-Alone Red List Authorities, Task Forces and Conservation Committees. Any SSC group interested in applying should:

  • Have sent their SSC Data to the SSC Chair’s Office with results completed for targets set in 2018 and targets for the current quadrennium.
  • Clearly specify the activity which requires financial support, to be carried out in 2019, and contributes to a target set for the current quadrennium. Priority will be given to those targets set for completion during 2019.
  • Include supporting information related to the activity to be carried out e.g., clarify what activity is to be carried out and how the funds will contribute to it (website links, promotional information, etc.).

How to apply

All applications must be submitted through the following [Google form]. Please note that each SSC group can submit ONE application only per round and applications by email will not be accepted.

Grant amount

US$2,000 - $3,500
Funds can be used to cover the partial or total cost of the proposed activity.

Timelines and eligibility

There will be two calls per year, open during January and June. Successful applications will be confirmed in February and July respectively. The current round will be open from June 3rd to June 30th 2019 —11:59 PM (GMT-4) Caracas, Venezuela—, and approvals will be announced in July 2019.

For each round of proposals 7 to 10 grantees will be selected. Consideration will be given to the network priorities of the Species Strategic Plan 2017-2020, the funds available to allocate in each call, as well as the groups/activity determined to have the more urgent support needs. We will also take into account whether the group has received funds from this grant previously, to ensure the benefits of this grant can reach the diversity of groups across the network.


For further information, please contact Nahomy De Andrade 

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