Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy

IUCN Focal Points

A number of IUCN staff act as CEESP Focal Points to support the network at the global, thematic and regional levels.

For further information regarding CEESP-Secretariat engagement across regions and programmes, please contact Iben Munck CEESP Executive Officer. She can help put you in contact with specific thematic programmes.

IUCN Focal Points

Stewart Maginnis Photo: J. Springer - TGER Photo: Jenny Springer
Stewart Maginnis Jenny Springer
CEESP Focal Point
Global Director 
Nature-bases Solutions Group
IUCN HQ Switzerland
CEESP Secondary Focal Point
Governance & Rights Program
IUCN Washington


IUCN Regional Focal Points

Rob Wild, Leader of the Cultural and Spiritual Values Task Force Photo: Rob Wild Jacques Somda Photo: IUCN
East and Southern Africa
Rob Wild
West and Central Africa
Jacques Somda
Maria Pia HERNANDEZ Photo: IUCN Karen Hildahl Photo: IUCN
Meso America, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
Maria Pia Hernández
South America
Karen Hildahl
Anshuman Saikia Photo: IUCN Samar Taha Photo: IUCN
Anshuman Saikia
West Asia
Samar Taha
Chantal van Ham Photo: IUCN Constantine Makris Photo: IUCN
Chantal Van Ham
Eastern Europe
Constantine Makris
Etika Qica, Regional Project Officer Photo: Frank Koloi Luisa Tagicakibau, IUCN Oceania. Photo: IUCN
Etika Qica Rupeni
Luisa Tagicakibau



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