Environmental Law

Law for Sustainability

The last five decades have seen a proliferation of legal instruments related to the environment, ranging from treaties to national legislation to constitutional provisions to municipal regulations. Yet ecosystems and natural resources continue to decline at an alarming rate, while environmental challenges such as climate change and species loss accelerate. The expansive legal framework we have developed to ensure environmental sustainability is not meeting the ever-growing challenge. This raises questions of implementation and effectiveness of law and governance structures in the environmental context.
Dolphin fish in Praia do Forte, Brazil

As part of the Natural Resources Governance Framework, IUCN has developed a set of tools and resources for assessing and improving legal aspects of natural resources governance.  These tools include:

  • A methodological framework for assessment of legal aspects of natural resources governance
  • A growing body of case studies implementing the framework in different countries and contexts
  • A set of reports and other resources related to improving effectiveness of law for sustainability

Building on these resources, we have created a community of researchers and practitioners to use, share and contribute to these materials.

Tools and Resources



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