Management and restoration of mining areas in India

Company SSCL systematic dumping and dump rehabilitation

Project title: Developing Toolkit for Management & Restoration of Mining Areas in India

Location: India         

Project Background: India is among the top ten mineral producing nations in the world and the mining and quarrying sectors contribute around 2.5% percent to the country’s GDP. India is the largest producer of sheet mica, the third largest producer of iron ore and the fifth largest producer of bauxite in the world.

IUCN has been working globally, as well as in India, on mining and biodiversity conservation issues. In 2002, IUCN and the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) launched a joint dialogue on mining and biodiversity. This engagement has helped to mainstream biodiversity concerns among leading global players in the mining industry. In 2014, IUCN organised the International Workshop on Best Practices for Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation into Mining Sector. In 2016, IUCN developed a comprehensive biodiversity policy for Tata Steel Limited. 

Drawing upon the best practices, examples and expertise available in the country and abroad, IUCN is working with the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) to develop a Best Practices Guidance on Management and Restoration of Mining Sites in India.

The project’s outputs will be used by the Government of India, as well as by the mining companies for developing and carrying out a rehabilitation plan for their mined areas. This positive step forward by the government and mining industry will help India achieve its commitment to the Aichi Targets.

Project Goal: The overall purpose of the project is to strengthen the knowledge base with respect to the conceptualisation, and management of ecological restoration of mining sites in India.

Project Objective: To document the best practices being used locally and globally and develop a guidance book for the mining industry on restoration.

Expected Outputs:

  1. Best practice guidance toolkit for ecological restoration of mining areas      
  2. Consultative workshop involving all stakeholders. 
  3. Documentation of national and global best practices on restoration of mined areas.

Donors: Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India

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