World Commission on Environmental Law

Compliance and Enforcement

IUCN WCEL Compliance and Enforcement Specialist Group concentrates on bridging the gap between increasingly comprehensive international and national environmental laws, and achieving their implementation. Strategies and tools include causes of action, writing enforceable rules, monitoring and reporting requirements, administrative enforcement, civil judicial enforcement, assessment of civil penalties, and criminal liability.
Songpan City in China

Jean Philippe Rivaud, Chair

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Jean-Philippe Rivaud Photo: Jean-Philippe Rivaud








  • Support establishment of a new “Global Institute of Prosecutors for the Environment”
  • Increase the capacity of lawyers, judges, and public prosecutors to respond to compliance and enforcement of environmental laws
  • Encourage lawyers and legal practitioners to provide case examples of new legal approaches to regulatory design and implementation
  • Advance legal perspectives of compliance and enforcement through publications, conferences, events and other capacity-building opportunities.


Chairs Emeriti

Kenneth Markowitz Photo: WCEL Kenneth Markowitz (Chair 2012-2016)

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