Cities and regions

Effective conservation cannot be confined to remote and pristine natural areas, but should be holistic and include all relevant actors and stakeholders.
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Local and regional governments play a crucial role in supporting the implementation of the objectives of the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), and many decisions affecting biodiversity are taken at the sub-national level. There are strong incentives for local and regional governments to restore nature and integrate Nature-based Solutions into policy-making and urban/regional planning. Investing in nature can play an important part in making societies more resilient by enhancing quality of life, saving money, strengthening the local economy and reducing the impacts of climate change.

In a rapidly expanding urban world, policy-makers require increased and sustained support for knowledge and capacity building and exchange of best practices to integrate nature within planning and policy-making.

The IUCN European Regional Office is committed to mobilising the biodiversity conservation expertise of its large network to help local and regional authorities develop Nature-based Solutions to pressing societal challenges and thereby help to ensure a truly sustainable urban future.

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