Leaders for Nature India

Project title: Leaders for Nature India 

Location: India  

Duration: October 2012 – Ongoing

Project Background: Leaders for Nature (LfN) is a business biodiversity network, initiated in the Netherlands by IUCN in 2005. LfN engages multinationals to work towards greening the economy. By offering knowledge and training, hands-on project support and inspiration, LfN stimulates and facilitates companies to take the lead on incorporating natural capital into their core business.

Since its inception, the LfN network has connected more than 1,200 professionals from various management levels with member companies, NGOs, governments and academic institutions, resulting in corporate action plans and joint programmes.

In 2012, LfN launched its second network in India. Since 2014, IUCN India  and IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands, together with their partners CII - ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development, Hivos, and the Wildlife Trust of India have been actively running the LfN network in the country. LfN works towards mobilising companies to incorporate biodiversity considerations into their company operations.

LfN India provides its member companies a programme that offers:

  • Knowledge and training on natural capital
  • Hands-on support to carry out action plans and projects
  • A network of like-minded companies
  • Inspiration by nature that triggers individual leadership

Objectives of the project: LfN’s vision is that by 2050, businesses in India will have implemented solutions to reduce their ecological impacts, resulting in a net positive impact on natural capital; collectively creating an Indian economy that values, conserves and restores nature.

Expected outputs: LfN India works in partnership with leading business entities in scaling up innovations, new business models and solutions that integrate natural capital in the value they create, mutually benefitting business, biodiversity, and society. By 2020, LfN hopes to achieve the following:

  • Identify main impacts and dependencies on natural capital
  • Develop and publish a natural capital account 
  • Integrate natural capital into core business operations and strategy as an impact measurement
  • Achieve no net loss of biodiversity by taking action through value chains that limit existing impacts on natural capital
  • Commitment to work towards net positive impact on natural capital in new products and services
  • Fulfil a frontrunner role and actively engage all relevant actors and parties in value chains to safeguard natural capital

Donors: Leaders for Nature, Netherlands; and member companies

Partners: IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands; CII - ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development; Hivos; and Wildlife Trust of India


Ms Aanchal Saxena
IUCN India Country Office 
Address: H-4, Green Park Extension 
New Delhi - 110016, India 
Tel: +91 11 26167742/ 2615554

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