World Commission on Protected Areas

WCPA Southeast Asia

Thailand Khao Yai

IUCN WCPA Regional Vice-Chair Southeast Asia


Countries of the region

Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, VietNam

1. Valuing and conserving nature

Goal 1:
Co-chairing the Biodiversity and Protected Area sessions and participating in APC Steering Committee meetings

  • Co-ordinating a session on Ecosystems Services and Protected Areas under the Biodiversity and PAs session in the Asia Parks Congress
  •  Identifying and contacting appropriate presentation for the session on and from Asia

Goal 2:
Supporting the development of UNDP GEF funded proposal on mainstreaming protected areas in the Philippines. Commenting on the proposal and bringing in examples from elsewhere from the region, from wider WCPA etc as necessary;

2. Governing nature's use and sharing its benefits equitably

Goal 1:
Identifying possible presentations for the Collaborative Management session at APC Work with Madhu Rao (co-chair) of the session to identify potential presentations

Goal 2:
Working on Asia style protected areas Discussions at ICRI and with Kohei Hibino and MOE Japan in relation to TILCEPA marine

3. Deploying nature-based solutions to global challenges

Goal 1:
Supporting to ensure global linkages and regional representativeness of the specific sessions in the Asia Parks Congress and more widely

  • Linking to the Global nature based initiatives
  • Promoting identification and establishment of protected areas in inter-tidal habitats along the East Asia Australasia Flyway as a key conservation gap

Goal 2:
Support for NBSAP preparation for the Philippines and ensuring that nature based solutions incorporated into NBSAP as well as national development planning excercises

  • Technical Working Group meetings
  • Support for target setting and indicator setting



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