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Akkar Watershed

Climate Change Resilience in Lebanon

The Akkar Watershed, the chosen location in Lebanon.

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Akkar is one of the unique northern regions of Lebanon. The area is characterized by distinctive natural, cultural, and historical values. The area has an important strategic location since its northern part meets with the Syrian territory leading to considerable issues in natural resource management including trans-boundary water issues. In the current status of an undermined spot, sustainable livelihoods become a challenge, leading to stresses on natural resources especially the current forest and watershed.

Therefore, SEARCH will contribute in aiding the local community in adressing, coping and adapting to the pressing envriconmental issues in their area to finally come up with climate change adaptive stategies.


Arabic Fact Sheet 

English Fact Sheet 

On the Path of Resilience to Climate Change in the Upper Akkar Watershed: Lebanon



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