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Head of the Development Department at the Zarqa Municipality (far right) joining the SEARCH team in their baseline survey

Climate Change Resilience in Jordan

In Jordan, IUCN partners with 

The Zarqa River Basin (ZRB), the chosen location for a demonstration site in Jordan. Three communities have been chosen: Rusaifeh, Shomar and Kherbit al Hadid

Being classified as one of the driest countries in the world, Jordan faces great burdens when dealing with climate change impacts. The Zarqa governorate is the third densest governorate in Jordan, being an industrial city, Zarqa has the largest number of factories in Jordan, holding Jordan’s only oil refinery. The environmental, social and agricultural status of the area makes it a pollution hotspot. 

SEARCH will therefore bring stakeholders from all backgrounds together to adress and manage negative impacts in Zarqa using its participatory approach.


Fact Sheet Arabic

Fact Sheet English 

On the Path of Resilience to Climate Change in Jordan 


Demonstration Projects

The HSBC Bank in Jordan is committed to support local community water and energy initiatives designed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA). Consequently, HSBC funded a project in the Zarqa River Basin aiming to introduce environmentally friendly best practices that target the farming community of both Khirbet Al Hadead and Russaifeh. These sustainable approaches will help increase water and energy usage efficiency and therefore limit agriculture loss.

Project Brochure
Energy Saving Manual دليل ترشيد الطاقة


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