Council Members 2016-2020

Mr ZHANG Xinsheng, China **

Mr Nihal Welikala, Sri Lanka and United Kingdom **

Councillor from the State in which IUCN has its seat 
Mr Norbert Baerlocher, Switzerland


Mr Mamadou Diallo, Senegal **
Ms Jesca Eriyo Osuna, Uganda
Mr Ali Kaka, Kenya *  
Ms Jennifer Mohamed-Katerere, South Africa **

Meso and South America
Mr Marco Vinicio Cerezo Blandón, Guatemala
Mr Carlos César Durigan, Brazil
Ms Jenny Gruenberger, Bolivia **
Mr Lider Sucre, Panama

North America and the Caribbean
Mr Rick Bates, Canada
Mr Sixto J. Incháustegui, Dominican Republic
Mr John Robinson, USA * **

South and East Asia
Mr Amran Hamzah, Malaysia
Mr Masahiko Horie, Japan
Mr Malik Amin Aslam Khan, Pakistan *  
Mr Mangal Man Shakya, Nepal
Mr Youngbae Suh, Republic of Korea

West Asia
Ms Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri, UAE
Mr Said Ahmad Damhoureyeh, Jordan
Mr Ayman Rabi, Palestine **

Mr Andrew Bignell, New Zealand
Mr Peter Michael Cochrane, Australia 
Ms Ana Elizabeth Tiraa, Cook Islands * **

East Europe, North and Central Asia
Mr Michael Hošek, Czech Republic
Ms Tamar Pataridze, Georgia
Ms Natalia Danilina, Russian Federation***

West Europe
Ms Hilde Eggermont, Belgium
Mr Jonathan Hughes, United Kingdom
Mr Jan Olov Westerberg, Sweden **

Additional appointed Councillor 
Mr Ramiro Batzin Chojoj, Guatemala


Commission on Ecosystem Management
Ms Angela Andrade, Colombia

Commission on Education and Communication
Mr Sean Southey, Canada/South Africa

Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy
Ms Kristen Walker Painemilla, USA

Species Survival Commission
Mr Jon Paul Rodriguez, Venezuela 

World Commission on Environmental Law
Mr Antonio Herman Benjamin, Brazil **

World Commission on Protected Areas
Ms Kathy S. MacKinnon, United Kingdom

Ms Inger Andersen, Denmark 


*   Vice-Presidents
** Member of the Bureau of the IUCN Council
*** Since 24 December 2018, filling the vacancy for IUCN Regional Councillor from East Europe, North and Central Asia following the demise of Rustam Sagitov 




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