Nominate a plant conservationist from Eastern Europe

In order to promote best practices in plant conservation at community level, Plantlife is launching the Roger Crofts Plantlife Community Conservation Award. The Award is open to community groups, small non government organisations or individuals from Eastern Europe working on the plant conservation in the wild (in situ).


Roger Crofts, a former Plantlife Chairman and board member has donated this Award (which will run for ten years from 2013) in order to celebrate the efforts of local communities to conserve wild plants and their habitats. Each year for ten years £500 and a certificate will be presented by Plantlife International to the best example of plant conservation projects that shows:

  • Clear evidence of conservation endeavour at community level which benefits plant and habitat conservation in the wild (i.e. maintains, protects or restores degraded habitat and special plant species (e.g. threatened or widely used species)
  • A discernible difference to survival of plants and their habitats.
  • Benefits to the community.

This award is not for academic research, larger NGOs or for work in Western Europe.
There is no age limit.
Closing date for 2013 is 31 July at 17.00 CET.

Click here to read about the Award and follow the links at the bottom in order to apply or nominate a project.

South-Eastern Europe 
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