Now, We are Simply Known as IUCN

As of March 10, 2008, we will be referred to simply as IUCN. If you need to explain, it stands for the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

IUCN logo

Many of you have been confused for many years with the difference between our two names: IUCN and the World Conservation Union. From now on, you will only be hearing from us as IUCN.

This year we turn 60. We remain full of energy, intellect and passion about the environment. What better way to move forward than with a new face. So, from now we also have a new, simpler logo.

Our new logo, with its clear design, represents the Earth and our Union.

Although our name and logo are simple, we will continue working on the world’s most complex environment and development issues.

Conservation is now a mainstream issue on political, social, business and media agendas around the world. In order to achieve IUCN’s mission, we will continue to work with our ever-widening target groups of people and organizations across many different domains and sectors.

Our scientists and experts will continue to define conservation standards for the world. And we will continue working from villages to presidential palaces and the UN General Assembly to build bridges and find pragmatic solutions to our most pressing sustainable development challenges.

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