Together for more and better nature: Hoge Kempen National Park

Having habitats and species in a favourable conservation status in the highly fragmented region of Flanders is a huge challenge. In this video, the Flemish Agency of Nature and Forests presents its efforts in managing the habitats and species of the Hoge Kempen National Park, in eastern Belgium.

Vallei kikbeek

The Hoge Kempen National Park  is a part of the Natura 2000 network of the European Union. The main goal of the Natura 2000 network is to achieve a favourable conservation status of species and habitats of European importance. Large parts of the Park are designated as Special Protection Areas for birds and Special Areas of Conservation for habitats and species.  

The video shows some of the habitats and species found in the Park: Red-backed shrike (Lanius collurio), Large White Faced Darter (Leucorrhinia pectoralis), Saddle Backed Bush Cricket (Ephippiger ephippiger), Stag Beetle (Lucanus cervus) and the management techniques that are being used to improve the quality of these species' living space.


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