The green belt of Europe : from vision to reality

Terry, Andrew ; Ullrich, Karin ; Riecken, Uwe
Germany, Bundesamt für Naturschutz ; IUCN

The green belt of Europe : from vision to reality Photo: IUCN

The Iron Curtain, running from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea, divided Europe for almost 40 years and no activity was allowed in this "forbidden" zone. When it fell in 1989, it left a strip of land that runs the entire length of Europe and that has remained comparatively undisturbed – a green belt. The Green Belt initiative aims to integrate this entire strip of land with its key habitats and ecological areas as part of an international network of valuable ecosystems. This book provides background information on the initiative, reviews current activities in a number of case studies and looks at how the initiative can fit into current and future global efforts to protect European biodiversity.

Gland : IUCN, 2006. x, 214p. : ill., maps.
ISBN 2-8317-0945-8 ; 978-2-8317-0945-1
Price: 34 USD ; Order number: 1518

South-Eastern Europe 
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