Edmund Barrow
Head, Global Ecosystem Management Programme

Ed Barrow, Head of IUCN’s Global Ecosystem Management ProgrammeExpertise: Red List of Ecosystems, Ecosystem based Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction, Drylands, Community Based Natural Resource Management (including community forest management, governance and rights), Dryland Forest and natural resource management, conservation and poverty, participatory and empowering approaches to conservation

Language:English, Swahili, French
Location: Nairobi, Kenya


Ed Barrow is Head of IUCN’s Global Ecosystem Management Programme. He is responsible for developing the Red List of Ecosystems - a global set of standards for ecosystem management and the linkages with human well-being. I works on a number of projects relating to EcoSystem based adaptation, disaster risk reduction and projects related to the Red List of Ecosystems. His Programme also houses the Global Drylands initiative with its flagship project – WISP (World Initiative on Sustainable Pastoralism)


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