How you can support our World Heritage work

IUCN strives to mobilise its wide networks of experts, members and partners to support the conservation of natural World Heritage sites. You can help us in our mission in several ways, by supporting our work, reaching out to explore partnerships, contributing to the IUCN World Heritage Outlook, or submitting information on latest threats to natural World Heritage sites.

Support our work

IUCN receives funding from UNESCO to cover a part of the basic annual work on evaluating nominations and monitoring of about 60 sites each year. We need your support to do much more, including to:

  • Regularly assess the conservation outlook of all 250+ natural sites
  • Support the protectection of iconic species and ecosystems
  • Provide capacity building training to countries and site managers
  • Scale up our behind-the-scenes policy and advocacy work
  • Support more rangers with equipment and tailored training
  • Support sites mitigate the effects of climate change and build resilience
  • Inspire more action through media, events and expositions

Donate now or contact us for larger contributions.

Reach out to explore partnerships

IUCN is actively seeking partnerships including with donors, research institutions, governments and across the IUCN Membership, to drive implementation of the 2023 IUCN World Heritage Strategy. Our current priorities include:

  • Large-scale landscape initiatives to improve integrity and connectivity of World Heritage sites
  • Influencing wider global policy for protected and conserved areas, focussed on the role of World Heritage as a litmus test for the inclusive implementation of Target 3 of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework
  • Further regional and thematic gap studies, focussed on priorities that reflect the latest conservation science and traditional knowledge
  • Scale up the IUCN World Heritage Outlook as a means to drive conservation actions, investments and outcomes
  • Culture and Rights initiative to improve integration of human-rights based approaches and promote culture-centred conservation strategies
  • Scale up the capacity-building programme, the World Heritage Leadership

Contribute to the
IUCN World Heritage Outlook

The IUCN World Heritage Outlook regularly assesses all listed natural World Heritage sites. You can help us improve it by sharing your knowledge of natural World Heritage sites.

  • Provide feedback on the accuracy of Conservation Outlook Assessments, either by leaving your comments on the website or emailing us.
  • Register interest in participating in the next consultation process for the IUCN World Heritage Outlook consultation process, taking place in 2024 and 2025. To do so, download the dedicated consultation form (available in EnglishFrench, and Spanish and email it to us.

Submit information on threats to
natural World Heritage sites

Each year, IUCN prepares State of Conservation (SoC) reports for about 60 of the most threatened natural and mixed World Heritage sites in collaboration with UNESCO and ICOMOS. You can help us by submitting information on these sites. Download the IUCN World Heritage SOC Consultation Form and email it to