ENACT: Enhancing Nature-based Solutions for an Accelerated Climate Transformation

The ENACT Partnership works to accelerate collective global efforts to address climate change, land and ecosystem degradation, and biodiversity loss through high-integrity Nature-based Solutions (NbS).

It does so by providing a hub for Parties and non-state actors working on NbS to collaborate and build support across the Rio Conventions through a collective voice for evidence-based policy on high integrity NbS. The Partnership was launched at the Sharm el-Sheikh UNFCCC COP27 by the Egyptian COP Presidency in collaboration with the Government of Germany and IUCN. IUCN hosts ENACT's secretariat, which leads the implementation of the Partnership.


ENACT's NbS Goals

  • Enhanced protection and resilience of at least 1 billion vulnerable people (including at least 500 million women and girls). 

  • Up to 2.4 billion hectares of healthy natural ecosystems secured through protection of 45 million ha, sustainable management of 2 billion ha, and restoration of 350 million ha. 

  • Significantly increased global mitigation efforts through protecting, conserving, and restoring carbon-rich terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems.

Dense urban area abuts forestPhoto: Ocean Image Bank - Srikanth Mannepuri


ENACT’s Outputs 

Annual Nature-based Solutions Report 

  • The inaugural report, State of ENACT NbS Goals Report, will be launched at COP28. The report will detail a baseline of current knowledge on the ENACT NbS Goals. It will highlight ENACT partners’ success in applying high-integrity NbS to key ENACT NbS workstreams. Workstreams are aligned with Marrakesh Partnership Resilience Pathways and Sharm El Sheikh Adaptation Agenda to leverage high-integrity NbS as a key means to accelerate transformation across the impact systems through enhanced collaboration. 

Partnership Building 

  • ENACT will strengthen collaboration between existing partnerships and initiatives working on different areas of NbS. The strengthened collaboration will bring coherence to the implementation of high-integrity NbS. ENACT Partners will have the opportunity to showcase and share their NbS commitments & progress, contribute to the State of NbS Report, and access technical support from specialized communities of practice. 

Global Communications  

  • The ENACT Dashboard will be launched to track progress on the ENACT NbS Goals for adaptation, mitigation, and biodiversity. 

  • The Partnership will produce guidance on action toward achieving ENACT’s NbS Goals coordinated through the networks of practice on key NbS workstreams.


Under the co-chairmanship of Egypt and Germany, the following states have joined ENACT:

Canada, European Union, France, Japan, Malawi, Norway, Republic of Korea, Slovenia

To express interest in joining the Partnership, all stakeholders are invited to fill in this Registration Form. For further inquiries and interested potential partners, please contact the COP27 Presidency and IUCN at the following email addresses: Intiatives@COP27.eg and ENACT@iucn.org.