Social, Ecological & Agricultural Resilience in the Face of Climate Change

Increasing social, ecological and agricultural resilience of ecosystems in the face of climate change

SEARCH is a three year regional project working in five countries (Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon), funded by the European Union, to develop and pilot a resilience framework for local action planning capacities and methodologies to increase climate change resilience through joint learning, planning and testing by stakeholders through demonstration sites.

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“Resilience signifies the ability to cope, address and overcome adverse effects from climate change”.

The SEARCH project demonstrates how local communities can successfully engage with and overcome the negative impacts of climate change. Instead of looking for solutions to specific environmental problems, SEARCH concentrates on giving the local community and other stakeholders the skills and knowledge they need to assess the impact of climate change on a day-to-day basis. It also and foremost helps them develop a realistic vision for the future to assist them in increasing their resilience towards climate change.

SEARCH brings stakeholders from all backgrounds together into roundtable discussions in order to achieve a complete participatory approach and raise awareness from the end user up to the ministry level. The project is implemented in a context where the pressure on natural resources has grown sharply as a result of the impact of the climate change and other emerging factors such as; increase in population, per-capita demand and competing demands for agriculture, industry and others. Agriculture and water resources have traditionally been managed in a highly centralized manner, which has failed to integrate ecosystem management and land use management in light of the consequences of climate change impacts. The views of the end users – primarily women – are therefore seldom sought.

We aim at:

  • Increasing the knowledge & capacity of the local community about climate change adaptation planning and tools
  • Using joint participatory approaches to plan for climate change adaptation locally and regionally
  • Decreasing climate change vulnerability in local communities through positive models on the ground
  • Developing practical toolkits & guides that contribute to developing regional & national strategies for climate change adaptation, poverty reduction & economic growth.