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PPI-OSCAN, the Small-scale Initiatives Programme for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in North Africa, is a regional initiative that aims to strengthen the technical, administrative and financial capacities of emerging civil society organisations in four North African countries (Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisiain the field of the environment. PPI OSCAN prioritizes emerging CSOs by giving them the opportunity to carry out their first project experience, so that they can develop concrete initiatives in the field and contribute, in the short, medium or long term, to the implementation of national strategies and action plans for the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity, sustainable management of natural resources and adaptation to the effects of climate change.

Implemented between 2014-2017, the first phase of the program received 248 proposals, among which 37 were selected in the four countries: Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia.

In 2018, IUCN-Med launched the PPI OSCAN 2, selecting 35 new CSOs and 8 OSCs from the PPI OSCAN 1 to strengthen the long-term impacts of their projects, and give them additional responsibilities of mentorship towards the new organizations.

Explore around 80 projects with CSOs here


Other CSO initiatives to mention

IUCN-Med network includes 31 NGOs from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. Such network reflects the crucial role played by civil society organisations in the region and in developing partnerships to implement the IUCN quadrennial program (see list here)