Ongoing grant projects

Transfrontier Conservation Areas in the SADC region are home to a number of globally significant species and habitats, with potential to contribute towards economic development not only to national economies of participating countries, but also to the livelihoods of local communities living in TFCAs who are often faced with challenges related to human-wildlife co-existence.

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SSC EDGE internal grant

Important: Given the current situation with the Covid-19, we ask SSC Groups to take into consideration the feasibility of the proposed projects in relation to travel and in-person meetings restrictions, physical distancing, and any other restriction currently imposed by the pandemic. In that sense, we encourage you to submit projects that can be carried out during the year and that are in alignment with your annual planning process —SSC Data.

Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) species are species that have a high EDGE score, a metric combining endangered conservation status with evolutionary distinctiveness of taxon. Evolutionarily distinct species have few closely related species and therefore represent disproportionate amounts of unique evolutionary history. 

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This year, On the EDGE Conservation is contributing financial support totalling US$71,000 to be distributed across projects related to SSC Groups and evolutionarily distinct species and lineages. Thanks to this partnership we will be able to support more Specialist Groups in red listing and action planning activities. 

Current grant opportunities Role with GEF and GCF

Species Eligibility

The following species are eligible for funding:

  • Species on the attached lists covering mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles, gymnosperms, corals, where an assessment of their evolutionary distinctiveness already exists;
  • Species from taxonomic groups that have not been assessed on the attached lists, but where they are monotypic (the only one in their genus or family), or species where the entire genus (or family) is threatened and/or data deficient and/or not evaluated.