IUCN’s GCF projects

IUCN has established an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) that provides a systematic procedure to check IUCN projects for environmental and social risks. As part of this, we encourage feed-back from external parties by making relevant information about the projects publically available. Please explore our current portfolio of projects below including the ESMS instruments we are using for identifying, avoiding and mitigating environmental and social risks.

Requests for further information on the projects and respective ESMS documentation can be made to IUCNGEF@iucn.org.

Safeguards and disclosure

All IUCN GEF and GCF funded projects follow IUCN standards to ensure the projects avoid or minimise negative impacts to the extent possible while promoting positive impacts. Details on funding and donor accountability for IUCN projects are in the IUCN Open Project Portal.