Over 1,400 governments and organisations from more than 160 countries have joined IUCN to enhance conservation efforts worldwide. Membership offers access to the latest conservation information,  boosts Members’ power to influence the global conservation agenda, and provides opportunities to get involved in conservation projects worldwide. Below, Members from across the world explain why they have joined IUCN.


IUCN is a brand name and being a member gives us that leverage to work with other organization and also follow the IUCN standards

Nigerian Conservation Foundation

Ujyalo Nepal

IUCN membership provides an opportunity to connect my organization with other organizations and exchange support through networking. I am connected to the world of conservation just by sitting in my office.

Ujyalo Nepal


the corbett foundation

IUCN's international credibility helps a lot. It provides networking opportunities during Regional Conservation Foras and World Conservation Congresses. IUCN Commissions are doing good work and me being a part of 3 of these Commissions has helped my organisation.

The Corbett Foundation, India

Freeland foundation

Our membership increases the quality of our work, both outputs (in association with IUCN) and outcomes as we have access to high quality guides, materials, and standards. It also empowers our organisation nationally being part of the IUCN network.

Freeland Foundation, Thailand