Science-policy interfaces in the context of environmental rule of law

Science-policy interfaces "can be defined as social processes which encompass relations between scientists and other actors in the policy process, and which allow for exchanges, co-evolution, and joint construction of knowledge with the aim of enriching decision-making" (den Hove, 2007). This project promotes exchange between early-career environmental law professionals and scientists from different fields, as well as explores how science-policy interfaces can help strengthen environmental rule of law, as defined in the 2016 IUCN World Declaration on the

Environmental Rule of Law -  This includes discussing how to implement legal frameworks in line with the principles of ecologically sustainable development (e.g., right to environment, obligation to protect nature, right to nature, rights of nature, ecological sustainability and resilience, in dubio pro natura, intergenerational equity). The end goal of this project is to develop a guide/brief of good legislative practices, based on the best available science, on how to incorporate ecological considerations into sectoral laws.

This page will be periodically updated with more information about the project and its outputs.

Contact information: Ms. Paula Silveira Galbiatti and Marina Venâncio.