Business, Best Practice and Accountability

The IUCN CEESP Business, Best Practice and Accountability (BBPA) thematic priority is to enhance dialogue and promote collaborative action among IUCN members on a wide range of business, conservation, and sustainable development issues. These issues include natural capital, nature-based recovery, agriculture and soil biodiversity, fisheries and aquaculture, nature-based/conservation finance and investment, tourism & travel issues, livelihoods and sustainable use, plastics/related and other forms of industrial pollution, extractive, energy, and infrastructure-related topics, among others.

Areas of Focus

The focus of the BBPA’s 2021-2015 work programme include three catalytic themes: 1) Regenerative Finance, 2) Cross Sector Business and Conservation Science Collaboration, 3) Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Nature-based Recovery.

PRIORITY#1: Regenerative Finance

Regenerative finance can be best defined as broad set of traditional investment and financial tools used to address a wide assortment of social and environmental dilemmas (e.g. conservation finance, impact investing, climate capital, etc.) on the local as well as on the global level. The BBPA Regenerative Finance Theme seeks to work with external as well as internal IUCN stakeholders to design and incubate new and existing regenerative finance tools and mechanisms to address global conservation issues, with a special focus on low and middle income countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions.

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PRIORITY#2: Cross Sector Business and Conservation Science Collaboration

There is a critical need for the international conservation and the business communities to work collaboratively to address a wide range of cross-sector sustainable development goals (SDG) issues on the global level. Building on the work of the Oil Palm Task Force and other related initiatives at IUCN, the BBPA Cross Sector Business and Conservation Science Collaboration Theme will seek to design and build the institutional support to connect business and conservation science toward more effective sustainable development impact and outcomes.

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PRIORITY#3: Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Nature-based Recovery

As the international community enters the second year anniversary of the Covid-19 health crisis, we are also entering a new phase of climate insecurity involving new and unprecedented number of floods, wildfires, and droughts.  Using the U.N. “Build Back Better” framework and the Green Growth Knowledge Platform as our guides, the BBPA Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Nature-based Pandemic Recovery Theme seeks to accelerate the design and develop new models of nature-based recovery (to contrast itself from a traditional economic recovery that marginalizes social justice and environmental stewardship) from the contemporary global heath and socio-economic crises.

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Projects & Initiatives

• IUCN Oil Palm Task Force

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Theme Chair

Jacob Park

Jacob Park

IUCN CEESP Business, Best Practice and Accountability Theme Chair