Observing the Earth to enforce environmental law

EnviroLENS, a Horizon 2020 innovation project funded by the European Commission, aims to demonstrate and promote the use of Earth Observation as direct evidence for environmental law enforcement. By using European satellite capacities, such as those provided by Copernicus, EnviroLENS responds to the demands of the environmental legal sector in the context of evidence-based decision-making processes. 


As one of the six consortium partners in this project IUCN will:

  • contribute its environmental law expertise,
  • work on on-the-ground examples to demonstrate the applicability, the reliability and the relevance of Earth Observation for the enforcement of environmental law, and  
  • promote Earth Observation and the power of satellite imagery data as a reliable, timely, accurate and cost-effective source of evidence to the wider environmental law and conservation community.

Read more about the project here.

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