Achieving Zero Percent Waste

The Kishoka Youth Organization and 250 young people moved 1,000 tons of waste in 12 hours in Mombasa County, Kenya

Mweza major dumpsite cleanup August 2018

The Kishoka Youth Organization is seriously interested in issues to deal with environment and the ecosystem.  Its objectives are mainly geared towards environmental issues, clean up and justice. However, they have taken a very key role in making Mtongwe a clean area of residence by leading through example. Some of the projects undertaken so far are recycling and reuse of plastic bottles into useful materials, such as walls, awareness-building and waste management and environmental hygiene education.

Promoting #NatureForAll, the organisation states that "if the environment is not clean then definitely nature will be destroyed in one way or another starting from the living and non-living nature." Most of Kishoka Youth Organization members are also CEC members and participate in cleanup events or broadcast the message online.

The cleaning up project advances the CEC strategic plan, mission and vision by gaining a new generation of nature conservationists through our activities. 

The process is always well planned, first a meeting with village elders and village ambassadors to discuss the challenges they face in their communities in terms of environmental issues and how to solve them together. Secondly a meeting with different stakeholders from National and County government to the grassroots level then lastly, the event, World Cleanup Day itself.

The project started in May, 2018 in Mtongwe Village and is a continuous process as it will soon be done in the larger Mombasa County. 

50 young people participated in the first three major cleanups 20 youth groups in the discsussions and more than a hundred on World Cleanup Day.

Summing up, the Kishoka managed to move more than 1,000 tons of waste in 12 hours with the 250 participants whom actively participated on the #WorldLitterRun.

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