Tropenbos bestaat 25 jaar

In the year 2013, Tropenbos International celebrates 25 years of making knowledge work for people and forests.

Tropenbos International is one of the member organizations of IUCN

Concern about the loss of forests and a vision on how science could “assist governments of countries in the humid tropics in combating needless deforestation and introducing land use practices that are sustainable and satisfy the aspirations of their people” drove the creation of an international collaborative programme for research, education and training. Twenty-five years onwards, even though the world and also Tropenbos International have changed drastically, many of the issues facing tropical forests and the people who depend on them remain the same. Yet, we value the contribution of forests in a different way and we have devised new ways of addressing them in policies and practices. The 25 year celebration of Tropenbos International is an appropriate time to look at the past, present and future of forests, food and people.

The celebration is an excellent occasion to:

• exchange views about forests and people
• bring together those of you who contributed to or are interested in the successes and results achieved by Tropenbos International,
• and, last but not least, meet old and new friends and share memories or make new plans.

If you feel affiliated with Tropenbos International or its mission, you are amiably invited to participate in our celebration.

For more information about the programme and registration, please visit

Dit persbericht is uitgegeven door Tropenbos International, een van de Nederlandse lidorganisaties van IUCN.

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