Carbono, bosques y gentes

Hacia el manejo integrado del secuestro del carbono, el medio ambiente y los medios de vida sostenibles

Author(s): Orlando, Brett ; Baldock, David ; Canger, Sonja ; Mackensen, Jens ; Maginnis, Stewart ; Manguiat, Maria Socorro Z. ; Rietbergen, Simon ; Robledo, Carmenza ; Schneider, Norry
IUCN, Forest Conservation Programme ; UNEP ; Institute for European Environmental Policy ; Canada [Government] ; Swiss Development Cooperation ; Intercooperation
Published: 2003
Series: Medios de Vida y Paisajes Serie ; Livelihoods and Landscapes Series ; no.001
ISBN:  2-8317-0731-5
Carbono, bosques y gentes: cover Photo: IUCN

Gland : IUCN, 2003. 42p. : ill.

Mitigating the impact of climate change presents governments and communities throughout the world with one of the main environmental challenges of our times. This publication provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges for carbon sequestration activities in the forestry and agricultural sectors of both industrialized and developing countries. It outlines a set of strategies and approaches seeking to ensure that forest and other land-use climate change mitigation measures deliver sustainable development benefits in an equitable and cost-effective manner.

Note: Includes bibliographic references. Only available in PDF.

See also English version or French version
Carbon, forests and people : towards the integrated management of carbon sequestration, the environment and sustainable livelihood ;
Le carbone, les forêts et l'homme : vers une gestion intégrée du piégeage du carbone, de l'environnement et des moyens d'existence durable


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