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En la foto, Jesy Nohemy Barralaga Euceda (de blanco)  junto a  Marianela Ramírez y Leónidas Pérez, Abanderados(as) de la Cuenca del Río Goascorán, I Encuentro de Abanderados, mayo de 2012.

“El recurso hídrico debe unir al mundo”

Jesy Nohemy Barralaga Euceda, abanderada de la cuenca del Goascorán y presidenta del Consejo de Sub-cuenca bajo Goascoranen Honduras, viajó al 7° Foro Mundial Del Agua, en Korea del Sur con el fin de compartir sus experiencias de gestión de esta cuenca. Aquí una crónica de su viaje.  …  

25 Jun 2015 | News story

UN Member States formally adopt a resolution for the introduction of legal measures to protect the high seas

A major step towards a legally-binding deal for the high seas

Another significant step towards improved protection and management of the high seas was achieved today as UN Member States formally adopted a resolution for the development of legal measures to conserve marine biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction. …  

19 Jun 2015 | News story

Building drought resilience in Uganda and Kenya

From drought-stricken to stewards rising

Over 12 million hectares of productive land are lost each year due to desertification and drought, resulting in a further loss of 20 million tons of grain that could have been grown. Every year the international community marks 17 June as World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought to raise awareness of this global threat.  …  

17 Jun 2015 | News story

13A-069-022 Tagging oceanic manta rays 2, Socorro Islands, Mexico _ Josh Stewart, SOS Save Our Species, Manta Trust

To have healthy oceans we need healthy marine wildlife

According to the United Nations, World Oceans Day is about a healthy planet being based on healthy oceans – so true and in so many ways! The ecological pressures on Earth’s oceans are as diverse and daunting as the storms that can roll across its blue horizons. But there is hope rolling in the deep! Days like today can catalyse, unite and promote efforts to save these, our blue lungs, from ourselves. …  

08 Jun 2015 | News story

Infographic 'Going with the Flow'. The natural capital of water, follow @IUCN_Water on Twitter

On Valuing Nature’s Water Infrastructure

Blog by Mark Smith, Director IUCN Water Programme. Posted originally on the Economist Insight for World Environment Day 2015. …  

05 Jun 2015 | News story

Planting trees

World renowned primatologist Dr Jane Goodall announced as Honorary Patron of Nature for IUCN

Nature conservation needs champions – people who are passionate about the cause and have the knowledge and respect to stimulate change. Today, on World Environment Day, we are delighted to announce that renowned primatologist Dr Jane Goodall DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace, has become an Honorary Patron of Nature for IUCN. …  

05 Jun 2015 | News story

Okavango Delta, a Ramsar Wetland and World Heritage Site

Safeguarding the world’s wetlands – let’s be bold, brave and ambitious

“We have to make the Ramsar Convention a catalyst for change – and change on a scale massive enough to stop and reverse a terrible history of wetland loss and destruction.” …   | Spanish

03 Jun 2015 | News story

Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians

IUCN issues second round of recommendations on natural World Heritage

IUCN’s recommendations to the World Heritage Committee are now all available online, following a second release of reports on 29 May. IUCN recommends ‘in danger’ status for Brazil’s Cerrado Protected Areas: Chapada dos Veadeiros and Emas National Parks. IUCN also recommends changes to Russia’s Lena Pillars Nature Park’s boundaries. …   | French | Spanish

29 May 2015 | News story

His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge and IUCN Director General Inger Andersen

His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge leads wildlife talks at IUCN

IUCN was deeply honoured to host His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge as he convened a meeting of United for Wildlife (UfW) at IUCN headquarters in Gland, Switzerland, on Monday 18 May to discuss global cooperation in tackling the illegal wildlife trade. United for Wildlife is a collaboration led by the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, in conjunction with seven partner conservation organisations, including IUCN, all joining forces to tackle wildlife crime. …  

22 May 2015 | News story

Estuardo Roca, en representación de la UICN-ORMACC se refiere a la Estrategia Nacional de Restauración Forestal de Guatemala.

Guatemala lanza la Estrategia Nacional de Restauración del Paisaje Forestal: un mecanismo para el desarrollo rural

Guatemala de la Asunción, 14 de mayo del 2015. La Mesa de Restauración del Paisaje Forestal, con apoyo de la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (UICN) lanzó la “Estrategia Nacional de Restauración del Paisaje Forestal (ENRPF): Mecanismo para el desarrollo sostenible de Guatemala, 2015-2045” (ERPF), cuyo objetivo es restaurar en forma sostenible 1.2 millones de hectáreas de tierras degradadas para el año 2045, articulando actores e instrumentos por medio de la construcción de capacidades. La Mesa de Restauración del Paisaje Forestal es una instancia de carácter intersectorial que está integrada por más de 30 organizaciones de Guatemala e instituciones gubernamentales. …  

21 May 2015 | News story

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