Celebrating the 100th edition of the Mountain Protected Areas Update!

The strength and resilience of the IUCN WCPA Mountain Network and Specialist Group needs no other indication than the 100th edition of the Mountain UPDATE. 

Larry Hamilton

It was at a Conference on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1991 that IUCN’s Larry Hamilton, Bing Lucas and Jim Thorsell forged a group of mountain protected area specialists into the formative international WCPA Mountain Protected Areas Network

As well as taking on the role of Vice Chair, Larry’s UPDATE commenced, soon becoming famous for its quality writing and creatively written insights into mountain protected area management.

In 2003, after 13 years of extraordinary productivity, Larry Hamilton decided to step down as Vice Chair, but he continued as UPDATE Editor and accepted the role of Senior Adviser.

Graeme Worboys accepted the role of Vice Chair, working with Larry for another 13 years - running conferences, producing best practice management books and the first ever Connectivity Conservation Management book. UPDATE all through this time continued to provide excellent intelligence to what was happening with mountain protected area management, and people involved.

In 2016 the fine tradition of managing the WCPA Mountain Network internationally was accepted by former Chief Ranger of Victoria’s Alpine National Parks Peter Jacobs with Gill Anderson taking on the UPDATE Editor’s job. Their creative energy is continuing the excellent WCPA mountain tradition started by Larry 27 years ago in Hawaii. Reaching the 100th edition of UPDATE is a special occasion.

Celebrating the 100th edition of the Mountain Protected Areas Update! 

To focus on this significant milestone the 100th edition returns to what was the first ‘official’ UPDATE written and edited by Dr Larry Hamilton in 1993.  So where applicable throughout this edition there are observations from 1993 and the very early days of the Mountain Protected Areas Network.  Larry was a powerhouse that generated so many useful products for the mountains constituency. Every quarter without fail, UPDATE would be dispatched as a mail-out - hours of work by both Larry and Linda (wife).  We hope to continue Larry’s tradition for many years to come.






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