WCEL Releases 5 New Videos for Lecture Series Featuring Global Experts in Environmental Law

The WCEL video lecture series provides a valuable online resource for WCEL members and partners.


WCEL is releasing five more presentations in its series of lectures featuring members of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL) and the Global Judicial Institute on the Environment (GJIE). The esteemed lecturers include Supreme Court Judges, law professors, and legal professionals dedicated to advancing the environmental rule of law.

The lecturers address a range of environmental law topics including environmental courts, access to justice, ecosystem protection, environmental defenders, and climate change.

The videos were produced in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme, the Organization of American States, and the Catholic University of Brasília.

The following six videos are currently featured on the lecture page:

  • Ricardo Lorenzetti, Justice, Supreme Court of Argentina, Trends in Environmental Law
  • Lord Robert Carnwath, Former Justice, Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, Environmental Law in a Global Society 
  • Michel Prieur, Professor, University of Limoges, Reviewing progress and effectiveness of international and national environmental law 
  •  Luc Lavrysen, Justice, Constitutional Court of Belgium, Protection of Forests in the EU
  • Ragnhild Noer, Justice Supreme Court of Norway, Reflections on Norwegian and Scandinavian Environmental Law
  • Brian Preston, Chief Judge, Land and Environment Court of New South Wales, Access to Justice

Additional lectures will be posted over the coming weeks.

Please visit the WCEL Website for more information about the video lecture series as well as other resources.

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