Lawyers are important for IUCN

On 1 August 2019, IUCN WCEL Deputy Chair, Denise Antolini, sat down with IUCN Acting Director General and WCEL Member, Grethel Aguilar, at the IUCN Oceania Regional Conservation Forum in Suva, Fiji, to discuss the Director General's background as an environmental lawyer, her career with IUCN, and her thoughts of the role of WCEL to move IUCN forward through 2030 and beyond. 


IUCN WCEL is one of the six IUCN Commissions.  With more than 900 members and through their projects and expertise, the network of environmental law and policy specialists of the World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL) serve as the principal source of legal technical advice on all aspects of environmental law to IUCN and its partners.   The Commission functions as an integral part of the IUCN Environmental Law Programme (ELP), collaborating closely with the Environmental Law Centre (ELC) based in Bonn. 

WCEL will be holding its 2nd Environmental Law Congress - Environmental Law 2030 and Beyond from 25 – 29 March 2020.

The work of IUCN’s six Commissions covers a wide range of disciplines: education and communication, environmental, economic and social policy, ecosystem management, species survival, environmental law and protected areas.  These networks of experts contribute to IUCN’s Mission by providing insights, promoting policies and inspiring action to inspire the conservation of nature. 

The other IUCN Commissions are:

CEC – Commission on Education and Communication
CEM – Commission on Ecosystem Management
CEESP - Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy
SSC – Species Survival Commission
WCPA – World Commission on Protected Areas

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