Story | 20 Apr, 2017

India’s NGT Looks at the Global Level

India’s National Green Tribunal convened the “World Environment Congress” from 25-26 March, 2017 in New Delhi where judges, lawyers, scientists, and civil society joined to advance dialogue on environmental challenges and the legal community’s capacity to tackle them. Throughout six interactive and technical sessions, participants focused on identifying the remedial and preventative measures that need to be taken to protect the global environment.  

By ensuring diverse geographical and knowledgeable representation, the sessions brought forth healthy discussions and results-oriented resolutions to problems. WCEL was one of the many enthusiastic partners of the event’s attention given to the topics of:

  • Global Warming and Disaster Management;
  • World Oceans;
  • Improving Public Health by Preventing Eminent Causes of Pollution;
  • Forests, Wildlife, Development and Environment;
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management; and
  • Substantial Environmental Issues – Remedy and Law.

NGT World Environment Congress       Photo: Denise Antolini
The National Green Tribunal (NGT) was established in 2010 under the National Green Tribunal Act to provide effective and expeditious adjudication of environmental disputes involving multidisciplinary issues. With one principle, and four zonal benches, the NGT is a specialized body consisting of a Judicial Member who is either a sitting or former Judges of the High Court, and an Expert Member specialized in the specific environmental fields. The court is obligated to apply the principle of sustainable development, the precautionary principle, and the polluter pays principle when passing any order, decision, or award.