Call for application: training workshop for local tour guides on biodiversity values of Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Archipelago

IUCN, through USAID funded Ha Long – Cat Ba Alliance, is calling for the application from tour guides in the training workshop on the biodiversity values of Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Archipelago from 26 - 27 August 2017 in Cat Ba National Park.

Tour guides received certificates after 1st training workshop organised by IUCN in Feb 2017

The call is open to local tour guides of travel agents, Ha Long Bay Management Board and Cat Ba National Park.

The lead trainer of the training workshop is Dr. Jaap J. Vermeulen, one of the world leading experts on biodiversity of karst ecosystems, and other specialists on responsible tourism and biodiversity from HTM Management Consultancy Co., Ltd and IUCN respectively.

Attending the training workshop, you will be equipped with knowledge about:

  • Key concepts and terminologies about biodiversity
  • Karst processes - Origins & history of the Cat Ba Archipelago - Ha Long Bay karst - environmental setting of the CBA – HLB karst.
  • CBA/HLB karst development - Karst environment & evolution - Karst endemic species
  • Legal framework on biodiversity conservation in Vietnam and internationally
  • Impacts of tourism on the ecosystem and environment in Ha Long – Cat Ba and roles of tour guides in conserving ecosystem values and services in Ha Long and Cat Ba

Deadline for registration: 17:00 hrs August 11th, 2017

Please see HERE for the detailed information about registration and eligibility.

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