Story | 14 Jul, 2017

IUCN and Marriott wins “Best CSR - Social Impact Partnership” award

The IUCN-Marriott Partnership Project has won “Best CSR - Social Impact Partnership” at the 2017 Rockefeller Social Impact Awards, curated by The Resource Alliance.

 Since 2013, IUCN has partnered with the Marriott Thailand Business Council to protect the environment and to support the local coastal communities around Marriott properties. The initiative includes mangrove reforestation programmes, the improvement of local fishery practices and sustainable sourcing,  and procurement of guest gifts and souvenirs from local artisans. Through the partnership, Marriott has realised its role as a change agent and a partner with local communities. The partnership is an example for other large-scale businesses of using their resources and influence to create healthier, more prosperous communities and practices.

The awards ceremony was part of the three-day, 2017 International Fund Raising Congress Asia – the first Asian iteration of the International Fundraising Congress in its 35-year history – at the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, 26-28 June 2017.

The congress offers Master Classes, trainings and seminars for fundraisers in order to help increase their fund raising skills, while  the awards celebrate the best in Social Impact projects in Asia.

Representatives from the IUCN-Marriott partnership project, Mr Petch Manopawitr, IUCN Thailand Programme Coordinator/Deputy, Indo-Burma Group, and Mr Trevor May, Chairman, and Mr Sean Panton, Co-Chairman Marriott Thailand Business Council, were also part of a panel discussion titled “Creating and Managing Shared Value Partnerships”.

“Working with IUCN and the government partners for a sustainable future for our communities and environment is the most impactful programming we do at the Marriott Thailand Business Council. Our general managers, associates and even our guests love getting together with the community and IUCN to work on environmental issues and solutions, it is great business and excellent fun!” said Mr Panton.   

IUCN Asia’s Regional Business and Biodiversity Programme seeks to mobilise the private sector and the environmental community to work together in mainstreaming conservation in business. Asia’s high economic growth rates mean that environmental conservation and sustainability issues are an increasing challenge. Responding to this challenge and guided by a clear set of principles that respect mutual roles, the Business and Biodiversity Programme works with more and more Asian businesses and business sectors on conservation and sustainable development issues.

“From an environmental point of view, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are considered a global shared value” said Mr Manopawitr. “All sectors can engage, work, and contribute to achieve the 17 global goals together. By working together, IUCN and Marriott adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals, we can help make the challenge of reaching sustainable hotel practices and a resilient world a reality.”

Note: The Resource Alliance has been presenting the NGO Awards in India, Thailand and Viet Nam for 10 years, but 2017 marks a substantial change in the award programme’s focus and delivery. The change is intended to honour efforts from all sectors – including NGOs, CSR, individual philanthropy, social enterprise, fundraising, volunteerism, and others – that work toward creating positive, lasting change in the Asia Pacific region.

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