Story | 07 Dec, 2021

Specialist Groups allocated with fund for projects that aim to protect lesser known endangered species

The recipients of the second round of SSC EDGE Internal Grants have been selected.

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We are very pleased to announce 8 grants totaling $73,420 to support priorities of the Species Conservation Cycle related to assessment and planning activities. Selected jointly with the On the Edge Conservation (OTEC) team, these are the SSC Groups that will be carrying out projects for EDGE species thanks to this grant:

1) IUCN SSC Madagascar Plant Specialists Group

2) IUCN SSC Spider and Scorpion Specialist Group

3) IUCN SSC Grasshopper Specialist Group

4) IUCN SSC Freshwater Plants Specialist Group and IUCN SSC Western Ghats Plant Specialist Group

5) IUCN SSC Afrotheria Specialist Group

6) IUCN SSC Viper Specialist Group

7) IUCN SSC Mushroom, Bracket, Puffball Specialist Group

8) IUCN SSC Lagomorph Specialist Group

Congratulations to all! 

The SSC Chair’s Office encourages all the Network to apply for future grants rounds and be attentive to the upcoming dates for the 2022 round.