Story | 09 Jul, 2018

IUCN 70th Anniversary celebrations in Halifax, Canada

IUCN Indigenous Peoples’ Organisation (IPO) Members and non-members attending the Communities, Conservation & Livelihoods conference in Halifax, celebrated IUCN’s 70th Anniversary on 30 May 2018.

The event was well attended and provided participants with the opportunity to network and also to hear about IUCN and its work.

During the lunch, several IPO Members gave their views on the benefits of IUCN membership and there were also interventions by Kristen Walker-Painemilla, Chair of IUCN CEESP (and co-organiser of the conference), Sean Southey, Chair of the IUCN CEC, Nadine Crookes, Board Member of the Canada National Committee of IUCN Members, IUCN Councillor Rick Bates and Stewart Maginnis, IUCN Global Director, Nature-based solutions.

The main theme of the conference, which took place form 20-30 May 2018 in Halifax, Canada, was the power of local communities to make a difference and highlighted environmental and livelihood challenges facing communities and approaches to achieving success in conservation and in securing sustainable livelihoods.

Presentations with an indigenous focus featured strongly over the three days as did themes such as indigenous and local knowledge; collaboration and conflict resolution; governance and rights; women, gender and youth, and Marine Protected Areas and spatial management.