27,000+ students and now six massive open online courses (MOOCs) at IUCN-PAPACO

The New Technologies course will be available for the first time from October, joining the existing courses of Protected Area management, Ecological monitoring, Law enforcement, Species conservation, and Valorisation of natural resources and sustainable tourism.

NAPA MOOC outline 2019 September-December

Another season of IUCN-PAPACO MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) has begun.

The initial New Technologies course, will be available from the beginning of October, joining the existing courses: 

  • Protected Area Management
  • Ecological Monitoring
  • Law Enforcement
  • Species Conservation
  • Valorisation of Natural Resources and Sustainable Tourism.

The goal of the new course is to understand the context of new technologies applied to conservation as well as to discover the existing techniques and prerequisites for their implementation in a park.

So far, our MOOCs have reached more than 27,000 participants from 120+ different countries. With this new session, we hope to reach the 30,000 milestone and to further develop capacities in African protected areas.

Registrations are open until 1 December 2019, and students have until 15 December to complete the MOOCs:

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