Marine Protected Areas: global standards for success

IUCN recently compiled these standards for success for MPAs and has consulted on the content. The closing date for that was the 4 March 2018. We will shortly update the draft versions on this page with the final text.When this happens we will let everyone know via newsletters and social media.

Sea turtle

The standards to MPAs are a synthesis of the existing IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas Standard, together with current relevant policies and positions taken from approved IUCN Resolutions, Recommendations and Guidance documents.


This synthesis will aid those governments, agencies, community-based organisations, donors, and MPA managers considering establishing new MPAs, as well as those with already designated MPAs, to easily consider all the various quantitative and qualitative elements that are needed to achieve success.


"The document is not renegotiating any standards or rewording resolutions. All we are doing is linking existing IUCN global conservation standards that have relevance to MPAs,” say Dan Laffoley, IUCN WCPA Marine Biome Vice Chair.


French and Spanish versions will be available shortly. Alongside this work the IUCN WCPA will also be updating their guidance on the IUCN management categories to ensure it is consistent with recent resolutions highlighted in the conservation standards document. The IUCN’s monthly newsletter Protecting the Planet, as well as MPA News will let readers know when this revised guidance becomes available.

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