IUCN Oceania HR Officer graduates from USP

It was a proud moment for Jignasha Hansji, IUCN Oceania Human Resources who graduated with a Master’s degree in Commerce majoring in Management and Public Administration at the University of the South Pacific (USP) graduation ceremony on March 22.


In achieving this major milestone, Ms Hansji said she was indebted and grateful to her mum and her friends for their support. “Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to my mum and my friends who told me to never stop believing in myself” she mentioned.

Ms Hansji has been studying for three years since 2015 and at times she would call it quits but she continued to strive on.

“The final year was pretty tough, I almost withdraw from my programme because I was low on morale and I didn’t have much energy to prepare for my assessments. I had to devote a huge portion of my personal time to prepare for classes and to complete assessments on time which affected my social life to some extent. But despite several panic attacks, breakdowns and all-nighters, I would do it all over again. I really miss being a student and I cannot wait to enrol in a different program next year!”

IUCN Oceania also expressed its appreciation and congratulated Jignasha for her achievement.

The IUCN family is indeed proud of Jignasha’s achievement and we share her excitement and satisfaction with her after years of study and sacrifice. I am sure that she will put what she has learnt to good use as we continue to contribute to valuing and conserving nature in the region. Vinaka vakalevu Jignasha – well done. 

IUCN Member, the University of the South Pacific, is the premier provider of tertiary education in the Pacific region and an international centre of excellence for teaching, research consulting and training on all aspects of Pacific culture, environment and human resource development needs.

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