Pusiju community lights up

IUCN, in partnership with the Governments of Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, and Spain recently supported Sirubai Voko Tribe Association, with a solar project.

IUCN EESLI Small Grants

Sirubai Voko Tribe Association (SVTA) at Pusiju village, Vella la Vella Island, Western Province has praised IUCN, in partnership with the Governments of Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, and Spain with this small grant.

“Titled Pusiju Community Copra Buying Solar Project, the main aim of the project was to create economic opportunity for local people to meet their needs whilst sacrificing their forest for conservation” explained Henry Kaniki.

“The small grant is up to USD20,000, and it is targeted for energy focused project on community micro-enterprise development and conservation nature and providing nature based solutions to develop challenges” Mr Kaniki continued.

Kaniki said the SVTA is a community based organisation from Pusiju village, Vella La Vella Island that was initiated by the community themselves.

Meanwhile team leader Mr Tapera Bird of Superfly Limited says his team is very excited about the partnership.

He said his company is glad to see sustainable development happening in very remote places such as Pusiju community.

Also speaking on the occasion, Chief of Sirubai Voko Tribe Caleb Bukiri acknowledged the support received from IUCN.

“This has become a history for my people” he said.

Mr Bukiri said the project will not only support the people of Sirubai Voko Tribe but will also benefit the entire community of Sirubai region.

“Over the past years we have received partners (NGO), donors, Government Ministries, Church leaders on our shore so this project will also benefit the general public”

Also Mrs Keithy Tovakera, expressed her gratitude towards the project as it will empower the women and girls in creating livelihood activities that will in return meet the needs of their family.

The project is expected to be officially launched at the end of this year and SVTA is hoping to get the donor and relevant partners to the project site to witness the project success.


Source:  Alfred Pagepitu, The Island Sun 

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