Solomon Islands Species Forum held in Honiara

As part of the inaugural Solomon Islands National Resource Management Symposium, Ecological Solutions Solomon Islands, with funding support from Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund’s small grant programme administered by IUCN, led a Solomon Islands Species Forum.


The future of all species is in our hands

Solomon Islanders and international researchers working on species conservation came together to celebrate the species of Solomon Islands, and promote species protection, management, recovery and rehabilitation. The day provided a platform for science practitioners and field biologists to showcase their current research and management efforts.

The focus was predominantly on activities related to the priority species listed in the CEPF investment strategy for Solomon Islands, targeting past and current recipients of CEPF funding to present and share valuable lessons from their work.

Over 200 attendees made their way to the Solomon Islands National University for the Species Forum. The venue was chosen in order to promote partnership between NGOs and this academic institution, as well as acknowledge the new partnership with CEPF, with SINU undertaking a large grant for work to incorporate biodiversity conservation into its curriculum.

Presentations and discussions showcased work on species as diverse as bats, frogs, turtles, freshwater and marine fishes as well as the management and storage of data, how to deal with threats to species, and how best to carry out species recovery plans. 

As part of the Species Forum, a photo competition was held, encouraging submissions on the theme “Celebrating the Wildlife of Solomon Islands”. The winning image was by Tyrone Lavery, currently of the Field Museum, Chicago, of his image of Litoria lutea, Solomon Islands Tree Frog, one of CEPF’s Priority Species.


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