Projects Guidelines and Standards Training Workshop

An internal review in December 2015 identified the need for the IUCN Oceania Programme team to be aware of and to work within a set of guidelines and standards when planning and managing projects in the region. Training on the IUCN Projects Guidelines and Standards (PGS) tool kit was highlighted as essential.

Projects Guidelines and Standards Group Photo

A negotiation with IUCN Headquarters on the training was conducted through the Oceania Regional Programme Coordinator and as a result, Alex Moiseev, Head of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, Asia Regional Office in Thailand was engaged to conduct the training from 18 to 22 July at the IUCN Oceania Regional Office, Suva.  

The training was in two parts with the first day covering an overview of a project lifecycle and included all the mandatory sessions of; project identification & conceptualization, project development, implementation, monitoring & evaluation and closure of projects. This was attended by the programme coordinators and project development staff.

The second part delved deeper into the various aspects of project planning and management and was designed as a “learning by doing” workshop for trainers who would in future support the Oceania region in project planning and management. Participants were made aware of: risk screening tools (partnerships, business engagement and Environment Safety Management Systems), project appraisal and approval process, gender mainstreaming and project procurements and contracts. As part of their learning by doing, participants also assisted with the development of a regional mangroves ecosystems and livelihoods resilience project by going through a step by step approach of: situation analysis, stakeholders and problem analysis, theory of change, the use of a logical framework, sustainability and project exit plans, monitoring and evaluation standards and project closure.

At the end of the training participants were confident that going forward projects would be better conceptualized & planned, implemented, monitored & evaluated and closed using the PGS guidelines and standards. Further training will also be conducted with selected staff on subjects such as project budgets and procurement. Training on a soon-to-be launched PGS website will also be undertaken as part of the team’s continuous improvement plan.

The Oceania Regional Office is grateful for the support provided by Alex and the Asia Regional Office.

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